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A Hair's Whisper - From Cancer to the Courtroom


The dramatic and captivating true story of corporate greed and the bullying of a cancer patient. 


When Shirley Ledlie, a breast cancer patient survivor, stands up to one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and its lawyers, she embarks on a journey of strength and determination, and with an unbreakable sense of duty to do the right thing. 

Despite fearing for her safety and standing at a mental crossroads, not knowing which path to take, Shirley shares her innermost thoughts, even those she’s ashamed of, and her rollercoaster of emotions from despair to elation and self-doubt to confidence. 

A Hair’s Whisper is a gripping and empowering story that shows what can be achieved when we fight for the truth. 

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I'm passionate about providing support to cancer survivors so I've created The Cancer Hub where you can discover interviews with cancer charities, businesses, and support groups. There's a separate section for cancer memoirs and their authors plus a section for the all-important survivor stories. Please contact me for guest post opportunities or if you are a cancer-related business and would like to be interviewed. I would love to hear from you.

Please hop over to the Newsletter Signup page to find out what you can expect each month! Also on the signup page, you'll find a FREE download. I've put together a dossier of independent studies carried out that investigate permanent hair loss from chemotherapy drug Taxotere, their stats/results, and conclusions. You can 'click & print' this dossier and breast cancer patients can present it to their oncologists, if they're prescribed Taxotere/Docetaxel, to show the evidence that permanent hair loss is NOT rare. Or you can use it as your own reference.  It is not necessary to signup for the newsletter.

I'm a former weekly columnist of the UK Bella magazine. Since leaving Bella I have written media articles, a memoir, three travelogues, and taken part in many podcast interviews.  


 Take a look at my blog page and discover a variety of topics plus you can be inspired by guest author Claire Harbour Lyell's The Power of a Story and don't miss my latest blog

I was honoured to be invited to host a keynote discussion for the world's first scalp cooling summit. It is available to the medical world but the first seven mins can be found here


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