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Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy having a mooch around my site. What's this website all about? You will find my latest books, articles, blogs, guests, and news.

I'm passionate about providing support to cancer survivors so created The Cancer Hub where you can discover interviews with cancer charities, businesses, and support groups, a separate section for cancer books and the authors, and another for the all-important survivor stories. Please contact me for guest post opportunities or if you are a cancer-related business and would like to be interviewed. I would love to hear from you.

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I'm a former weekly columnist of the UK Bella magazine. Since leaving Bella I have written media articles, a memoir, three travelogues, and taken part in many podcast interviews. I'm also a 'patient information reviewer' for the European Association of Urology. 



Take a look at my blog page and discover a variety of topics plus you can be inspired by guest author Claire Harbour Lyell's The Power of a Story'. 



My new book is now OUT! Makes a super present for any Trekkie. Includes two EXCLUSIVE interviews. Join the onboard fun, cosplay, meet some of the actors and visit the Caribbean. There's also a Special Colour Edition available.


Get comfy, pour yourself a coffee, and have fun!

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Contact: shirleyledlie@zoho.eu

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