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Shirley Ledlie

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Hello, and welcome to my website  


Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy having a look around.

What's this website all about? You will find my latest books, articles, blogs, guests, news, and of course plenty about my patient advocacy work! Yes, OK I'm a bit of a rebel but sometimes needs must.

Here's a super quick breakdown of my writing background. About twenty years ago I was a weekly columnist for the Bella UK magazine. I LOVED it. Each week I would write a half page lifestyle column plus a couple of photographs. Then about a year and a half later a new editor swept in and so did her brush. Many of us sadly didn't have our contracts renewed.


Life in a new country took over and I was soon too busy with settling the children out in their French schools, sorting out and renovating a 300 year old farmhouse with thirteen acres of farmland plus managing the menagerie of animals new friends had 'gifted' us including a donkey!, to think about writing. 

Five years later, out of the blue, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. I expected a 'new' normal life would follow but what I didn't expect was the direction and impact. 

This life-changing situation took me on a path I was powerless to stop. Hence the 'rebel' reference!

So, my writing was back in full-swing, although in a very voice, and included public speaking, media articles, podcast interviews and writing media articles. In May 2022 I was invited to host a keynote discussion for the world's first scalp cooling summit.  It is only available to the medical world but the first seven mins can be found here

On a separate note, I have done some patient information reviewing for the European Association of Urology. And now? I spend most of my time writing, raising awareness about pCIA (Persistent Chemotherapy Induced Alopecia), gardening (or rather weeding) and babysitting my gorgeous grandchildren. All this while living in a beautiful area of the Haute Garonne in France.











A Hair's Whisper - From Cancer to the Courtroom


The dramatic and captivating true story of corporate greed and the bullying of a cancer patient. 


When Shirley Ledlie, a breast cancer patient survivor, stands up to one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and its lawyers, she embarks on a journey of strength and determination, and with an unbreakable sense of duty to do the right thing. 

Despite fearing for her safety and standing at a mental crossroads, not knowing which path to take, Shirley shares her innermost thoughts, even those she’s ashamed of, and her rollercoaster of emotions from despair to elation and self-doubt to confidence. 

A Hair’s Whisper is a gripping and empowering story that shows what can be achieved when we fight for the truth.









I'm passionate about providing support to cancer survivors so I've created The Cancer Hub where you can discover interviews with cancer charities, businesses, and support groups. There's a separate section for cancer memoirs and their authors plus a section for the all-important survivor stories. Please contact me for guest post opportunities or if you are a cancer-related business and would like to be interviewed. I would love to hear from you.

Please hop over to the Newsletter Signup page to find out what you can expect each month! Also on the signup page, you'll find a FREE download for a dossier of independent studies carried out that investigate permanent hair loss from chemotherapy drug Taxotere, their stats/results, and conclusions. You can 'click, download & print' this dossier and present it to your oncologists, if you're prescribed Taxotere/Docetaxel, to show the evidence that permanent hair loss is NOT rare. Or you can use it for your own reference. 

Take a look at my blog page where you'll discover a variety of topics plus you can be inspired by guest author Claire Harbour Lyell's The Power of a Story. 


Get comfy, pour yourself a coffee, and have fun!

Join me for a chat on Facebook and Twitter, I'd love to hear from you.


Thanks for popping in...


Shirl X



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Available in both paperback and Kindle/eBook from Amazon or using these links.

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