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new cover for naked_edited_edited.jpg
Naked in the Wind


Shirley has written an honest, yet compelling account of how she took on the drug giants and the murky medical world of drug trials, doctored statistics, and cover-ups. Oh how I admire her for this and her beautifully written prose. Her deftly woven narrative charts how she tackled the baffling French legal system in a language that isn't her own alongside charming snapshots of her life in rural France. Shirley's fortitude leaps off every page; so many of us would hideaway after not only dealing with cancer but the prospect of life without a glossy mane of hair - not Shirley. Her writing is compelling, funny, and honest. I read this book in one sitting. I've no doubt many more readers - rightly so - will do the same.

Samantha Brick, writer. 

Shirley has managed to write a book that's personal, funny, compassionate, entertaining, and informative all at the same time.

A great read!

Leslie Ann Butler, author of the award -winning book "If your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing!"

pilgrim new cover.jpg
The Unexpected Pilgrim


A light-hearted and fast-moving travelogue.

When presented with an opportunity to visit Israel for four days, Shirley decided it was a chance she could not turn down. 

It would mean sightseeing on her own - a daunting task for this woman in her mid-fifties with a terrible sense of direction. She decided to cram as much as possible into her short time there with some amusing and exhausting consequences!


new cover for manhattan.png
Mischief in Manhattan


Five women from England decide to go to New York City for five days, to sight-see, and celebrate a 50th birthday. Shirley is invited along to make up the numbers, but will they all see eye to eye or will there be bickering in the Big Apple?

With neighbours they haven't bargained for, troublesome fried dumplings, spoons and dress shoes, and some typical 'Englishness' thrown in, will Shirley's intrusion cause a strain on the friendships of the four strong and very diverse personalities? Only time will tell!

Copy of Photographic Fantasy Kindle Cove
How would you like to go on vacation with some of your favourite actors from Star Trek?
Join author Shirley Ledlie and other Trekkies on Star Trek Cruise III for a trip of a lifetime around the Caribbean.
Imagine eating your breakfast sitting next to a Klingon, beaming down for a visit to planet Risa or going on a pub crawl with the Borg.
When you finish this memoir, you will feel as though you’ve been on the cruise, but can you escape assimilation into a Borg drone, or will you become part of the hive?