Why Would You Want to Contact me?

You might ask yourself why you would want to contact me.

Most people need someone to talk to and currently as we are in lock-down with the covid - 19 lurking outside, we are spending more time indoors. This affects the mental health and we can feel lonely. Many people would love the chance to talk to someone who has the same hobbies or interests? Some would like the chance to chat to someone who, maybe, has had an experience that you are currently going through. It could be you are thinking about making a life-changing decision, for example moving to France to live. We loved over to Brittany, France, twenty years ago with our two children. it wasn't always easy but we stuck with it! It's possible you read about our 'life in France' through my weekly columns in the Bella magazine. Do you enjoy gardening? I have found it a challenge as we now live in SW France, it can be hard to keep anything alive in the summer heat! 

You see, we already have things to chat about. No, not yet? Read on.   

Perhaps you are going through cancer treatment?

Have you had to endure the anguish of receiving the dreaded chemotherapy? Most people join forums for the particular cancer you are suffering from. These can be life savers. I co-founded a support group almost fourteen years ago for women that discovered their hair wasn't growing back as it should. they then discovered that it was a drug called Taxotere made by Sanofi Aventis that had caused this disfigurement and the company had gone to a lot of trouble to keep is hushed up. I think everyone in the support group, at some time, has said that the group saved their lives. So talking does help. I will reply to anyone that reaches out to me. 

So on my contact page when I say 'Let's talk' There are many subjects we can talk about and I'm an excellent listen and make no judgement

I can't wait to hear from you! 

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