Who and What is this Forum about

Almost fourteen years ago I co-founded a support group for women that were disfigured by their chemotherapy drug. They needed a safe place to go were they wouldn't be judged and could talk to others with the same problem. It was only those people that would truly understand them. 

Within months this support group was global. It was a life-saver for everyone in it.

Many years later, when litigation started in the US, the lawyers from claimants and defendants gained access into the group so they could read all the private conversations, it rendered the group useless, not fit for purpose. So I decided to create a new one, as we are all still suffering; We will suffer till the day we die! But sadly this new group or forum can't be used by anyone from the US or the lawyers will, yet again, have access to everything said. 

This Forum will be totally private and each member will be vetted. As there are strict privacy laws in Europe this will offer us the best protection. 

Forums play a significant part in the mental well-being of people suffering from many illness or abuse. Some are helpful for first time mothers who need to ask questions from the experienced mums and of course there are so many cancer forums that concentrate on the different types of cancer. Those that suffer from PTSD need somewhere to go and these sufferers are from all walks of life and again, include cancer patients or survivors. 

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