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Travel Stories and Highlights by Robert Fear (short holiday story included) 

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Many moons ago, I was given the opportunity to write a weekly column in Bella Magazine, UK. I grabbed this chance with both hands and loved writing a life-style column each week and also supplying the photographs to go with it. It had only been two years previous that we'd moved to Brittany, France, to start a new life. So that's what I wrote about. I covered the 'ups and downs' of uprooting your children from their 'normal' life and starting an adventure in a new country. It touched on the subjects of schools, food, local customs, animals and everything else that life in Brittany threw at us. We had a barn converted into a Gite and rented that out most of the year. Then there was the animals! When you live in the countryside you become a rescue centre, and our clan included a donkey, hens, cats, dogs, ducks, rabbits, guinea-pigs and partridges. they was always some (mostly) amusing incident to include in my column. 

As the months vanished in a haze of busy Breton life, I started to receive phone calls and letters from readers. They would ask about the family and animals as though they were long lost friends. Alas, after just over a year a new editor meant a clean sweep and my weekly column of fun and reality came to an end. 




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