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Campaign to Support Brave Women Facing Their Enemy in Court

I know most women ask one of (or even both) two questions when told they have to have chemo.

1 -  Will I lose my hair?

2 -  How soon will I lose my hair after starting chemo?

Losing your hair suddenly makes your cancer real, not only to you but to your family too and it can be traumatic for children to see mum or dad bald.

So can you try to imagine your hair never growing back and you look like a cancer patient forevermore? Sounds horrific, doesn't it? This happens more than I can bear to think about.

I hope you can spare 30 mins or so to watch my video to hear first-hand what it's like for myself, others, and husbands trying to live with what has to be the most defeminizing side-effect. 

Women in the USA are currently battling the makers of Taxotere in the courts. I want to carry on raising awareness and helping in any way I can.

I'd love it if you could watch this video! You will hear me discuss in basic terms what it's like trying to live with this disfigurement that we were denied the patient's rights of giving informed consent. Sanofi, who make this toxic drug, and our oncologists thought it was best that this life-changing adverse side-effect was kept from us.

If you feel you could help me (I've been working on this for 15 years) I would so appreciate it if you could share this video either on FB or Twitter or anywhere! Thank you so much.

Fundraiser by Shirley Ledlie : Disfigured Breast Cancer Survivors - Need Support (


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