Apart from my three books, what else have I written?


I have written so much more than my three memoirs. The first one was Naked in the Win - chemo, hair loss and Deceit. This was exhausting to write and I risked falling back into a depression, which I had just come out of. It was a relief to finish it. then I decided to write a short travelogue after my visit to Israel. Politics aside, it's an amazing country and I felt strangely at home there. 

Then I wrote my third travelogue about my trip to New York City. I loved it there and hope to return one day.

I thought my writing was then over. Out of the blue I was contacted my someone that wanted me to take part in a podcast interview. I did this and most requests started to come in. Then I received emails asking me if I would write blogs for their websites and that they could use in advertising for the up-coming litigation. these requests were from companies who were looking for ladies that had suffered from permanent hair loss from their chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. I was then asked to write follow-up articles for podcast and radio shows I had done. 

The list and requests were endless. 


In the beginning

When we first moved to France to live permanently, I found myself with the opportunity to write a weekly column for the UK Bella magazine. i had to produce a half-page column and include a couple of photographs each week; Some weeks if there was a bank holiday I would have to write two. I loved to do this and work better under pressure. 

I was lucky to write these columns for just over a year until a new magazine editor arrived with her clean sweep. I had built up a large fan base and they contacted me afterwards saying how they missed my columns and some wanted to stay in touch

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