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Other Writings

Articles published
Bella magazine (52 lifestyle articles) 

UK Health Triangle magazine (2 articles on reflexology & drug side effects/patient rights)

Nation Injury Help USA (raising awareness for drug side effects)

Periscope Group USA (raising awareness for drug side effects)

Brittany-Internet (raising awareness for drug side effects)

English Informer in France (lifestyle)

Authors Interview blog (author interview)

Poems/silly verses (several ‘ditties’ published)

Travel Stories and Highlights by Robert Fear (short holiday story included)


 Guest Author Blog on 'Originality by Design'  


Radio/podcastsCancer Radio with Joni Aldrich  

Never give up hope with Carol Graham 

Kay Ashton MBE on UK Health Radio

Fear Not with Billy Atwell

After I was interviewed by Kay Ashton for UK Health Radio, I wrote a follow-up article for their Health Triangle magazine about patients' rights and how permanent hair loss from chemotherapy drug had impacted thousands of women. 

Employee from the Peris
Bald woman
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