Dortmund Star Trek Convention - part 1

Updated: Jun 22

After a very long drive, fourteen hours total, we finally arrived home exhausted. As you can see from the title of this blog, we'd been to Dortmund (from Toulouse) to our very first ST convention. It was awesome with a capital A.

We had absolutely no idea what to expect.

We arrived at the Dorint Hotel, opp the venue, dumped our bags in our huge corner room and headed off in the direction of the nearest U-Bahn. As we walked out of the station, at where-ever-we-were,there in front of us was a TK-MAX. Now, please remember we live in France and Toulouse doesn't have a TK-Maxx, we don't even have a Primark, although one is supposed to opening soon. Maybe. Maybe not.

So, after running in and grabbing some bargain face anti-wrinkle serums we walked off in the opp direction to where we could hear an oompah band. The rain had stopped, the sun was coming out and there were more Curry wurst vans than you could shake a trombone at. Bliss.

After several more shop stops we caught the metro back to the hotel, stopping off at a bar for a drink, as you do, and something to eat.

I couldn't believe it when, walking back to the hotel, my Fitbit vibrated to inform me I'd managed to clock up 10,000 steps! Seeing as I was sat in the car until 13.50 and it was now only 19.30 that wasn't bad going!

It was an early night for us because we wanted to be at the front of the queue the next morning for the 'registration'.

Friday - After brekkie we walked behind the hotel and over the bridge to the halle. All we could see was extensive building works to our right and another halle to our left. So we turned left. No queues, no cars, no people - nothing. OK, we walked all the way round to the back and through some gardens, still nothing or nobody. By now my Fitbit was starting to get excited at the thought of having another record busting day! We ended up going down the bank and onto the main road. There were no signs and still no people anywhere. We carried on walking and eventually saw the entrance to a car park with a man in the booth. My husband assured me that this was still part of the venue. As soon as we mention Star Trek he pointed us in the direction of the building works behind him. How the hell you are supposed to know where to go is beyond me! By now I was cursing the organisers. We walked passed the scaffolding, cranes and other large machines, wondering if we should have been issued with hard hats! In the distance we could see a familiar sight. The bridge that we had crossed after leaving to hotel. Standing by the bridge, again, we looked around, still no signs BUT there was a woman talking to two men, on our right. So we asked her and she said this is where she had been told to wait? Bloody crazy. After several mins others started to appear looking as puzzled as us. Eventually someone removed a metal barrier slightly further down and told the woman that it was in there, indicating behind him. So, we all piled in and got our badges, returning back to the hotel via the bridge, for a couple of hours until the convention was open at 14.00.

We were outside the doors at 13.50, and I don't mind admitting I had butterflies! Is that weird? They opened on time and I walked, well no, actually I trotted across the vast hall to the Eingang. Once inside we didn't know where to go first, John wanted to go right and I wanted to turn left so we had 'words' before, of course, going left. After various merchandise stalls, fan stalls we were at the back and facing the long table with the actors waiting to sign autographs. OMG! There they were. Nana Visitor stood out because of hair colour, which is fab, and then I spotted Terry Farrell who played Dax in DS9.

By now I was frantically trying to find Tom Paris-Robert McNeil from Voyager. I love Voyager SO much! Every night we watch Voyager from the comfort of our bed. I wanted to rush over and declare how much pleasure he gave me every night in the bedroom but I didn't think his wife (who was sat behind him) would appreciate it.

I'll show you a few more of the stars as you do not need me to tell you who they are! Enjoy and there will be Part 2 plus lots more pics!


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