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National Cake Day

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I think I’m a pretty good cook but ask me to bake a cake and that’s where all my baking skills go out of the window, or out of the oven. My husband always says I passed them onto my daughter who makes the most fantastic cakes!

No matter how good I try to stick to a recipe they end up a crunchy biscuit. I have this weird thing going on. If I’m following a recipe for anything at all, I have to make a couple of tweaks even if it’s an extra pinch of something: there’s this uncontrollable urge to make it my own!

But I happened to find this magic 'idiot proof' recipe that turns out perfect every single time! So, if you struggle to make beautiful light fluffy cakes or just want to try something different here's a recipe for what must be the easiest cake in the world! What makes it so easy? Everything goes in a bowl at the same time! VOILÀ– give it a go and let me know how you get on. Really, it’s fool proof.

Recipe for the easiest cake ever!

In one large mixing bowl throw in the following

175g butter or cooking margarine

175g Caster sugar

175g S/R flour

1tsp baking powder

1tsp vanilla extract

3 largeish eggs

2/3 tbsp of milk if mixture is too thick

Whizz with electric mixer and pour into baking tin.

Middle shelf in oven for around 45 mins but that depends on the size of your tin. Test by sticking a knife in the middle. It should be done when the sides begin to move away from tin edge.

180-degree fan assisted but adjust to your oven.

Whatever cake you’re eating on ‘National Cake day’ enjoy it!

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Same here. I can cook just about anything, but when it comes to baking I am limited in every regard.

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