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Updated: Jun 22

Here is an out of this world competition (sadly not an out of this world prize)

Q - Who said the following

Please state the nature of the ....... .........

The first person to get this right will win signed copy of one of my travelogues!

I need to get something off my chest. I promised myself not to moan about Discovery but it's looks like I'm not very good at keeping promises, because...

I'm actually very annoyed. As far as I'm concerned, they use the occasional reference to the Star Trek to try to keep it's association. But that doesn't work. Micheal's character, really? I'm not going to list all my grievances because there're just too many of them.

Last week I was so confused I had to re-watch the last three episodes just to try to follow it. OK, I get it now but think by the time I watch the next episode I will have to rewind, again.

Don't get me started on what they have done to the Klingons. It's all wrong. Since when did they care about their own dead bodies?

As a Sci-Fi show it's alright, but please, I can't cope with it being given a Star Trek title.


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