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The Power of Music Missing from 2020

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

As the year from hell draws to a close I gave some thought to what has been missing from my life. Live concerts/bands.

Let's face it, music is our escape from reality, it helps us cope with difficult situations and of course it evokes strong memories. We all know how you can be feeling 'ready to party' then suddenly a certain track comes on and your mood has changed in an instant.

Just think of some instances music can affect us

  1. Lullabies - soothes a baby hopefully enough to sleep!

  2. Love songs for couples

  3. Calming or gets you pumped up ie running tracks.

  4. Boosts your memory

  5. Used for meditation

  6. Improves mental health

Researches believe that listening to music causes effects on our moods and emotions because of dopamine, a hormone produced by the brain and is thought of as the chemical of pleasure.

I thought I'd test my memory to see how many bands I've seen live. There are plenty more that have escaped me but here are some and I can remember my first! Here goes.

  1. Gary Glitter and the Glitter band

  2. Heatwave (multiple times)

  3. Roy Orbison

  4. Tavares

  5. 30 Seconds to Mars ( X 3 )

  6. Iron Maiden (several)

  7. Gypsy Kings

  8. Stevie Wonder

  9. George Micheal

  10. Bruno Mars

  11. Dr Hook & the medicine Show

  12. Pharrell Williams

  13. The Real Thing

  14. Lenny Kravitz (several)

  15. Bobby Womack

  16. Chris Cornell

  17. David Essex

  18. Simply Red