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Updated: Jun 22

With the headlines changing, almost hourly, this blog might be irrelevant later today, but I doubt my opinion will be different.

Prince Harry has always been my favorite and I adored his mother. I clearly remember when Diana was introduced to us, working at a nursery. She looked like a child. She was a child. One of the first photos, the press released of her, was Diana standing outside where she worked in a long skirt that became transparent when the sun was behind her. That was a hint of what was to come and of course, the press would never leave her or her boys alone, especially after she died.

Prince Harry in the Spotlight

Harry looks like my own son so maybe that's why I have these motherly feelings towards him. But, even if he didn't look like my boy ( who is 33 ) he's still a human being. Someone who was born into the Royal Family without a choice and always without a purpose, other than to be the future King's brother. That's it!

Since his mother's death it's been obvious to all that he hates the press, quite rightly so, and doesn't look comfortable in the spotlight. He must be so relieved that he wasn't born first! Prince William seems to have coped very well, and as much as I don't care for the Middleton family, I will readily admit Kate is doing an excellent job.

So, what's gone wrong for Harry? He's married the woman he loves and they have a son and they have what could be a very happy life in front of them. After the fairy-tale wedding it all seemed to go downhill. Maybe he has changed? How do we know? We don't. But if he has I would think it's normal as don't we all change after getting married and especially after having a child? We change as we grow up, and that's what's happening; our beloved Harry is growing up.

The Future of the Royal Family

I doubt Harry has ever been happy playing a high ranking Royal. Now he wants to do his own thing and what's wrong with that? Nothing, I say 'kick off the shackles of the RF and do whatever it is you want and look after your family'. He is never going to be King, he's so far down the pecking order that there probably wouldn't be much of a place for him in what's going to be a slimmed down RF. The near future for the Royal Family is going to be very different, I think, and not before time. The Queen has let it get out of hand and it's all falling down around her. Don't forget it was Charles that had to step in and try to sort Prince Andrew out so I do think the Queen should step down and give Charles full reign.

There couldn't be a better time for Harry and Meghan to get out.

But, here is the but, they must ditch their royal titles. They must ditch all income from the RF including that from Prince Charles. As for 'security' that's a difficult one. He never asked to be born into the RF and wherever he lives he's entitled to it simply because of who he is. That's never going to change.

Harry and Meghan say they want to become financially independent, which isn't going to happen over night, so I suppose a fair compromise is they foot half the security bill. I'm sure one 'after dinner speech' every six months would cover that cost, although I have no idea what these things pay. He certainly doesn't need his title to get work that's for sure.

The Wife, Mother and Actress - The Duchess of Sussex

Love her or loath her it doesn't really matter, the truth is the press (the same press that hounded his mother to the grave) are crucifying this young woman. The comments left by sick people on the Daily Mail are disgusting., blatantly racist and should not be allowed. Oh my God, this newspaper would leave these comments on-line even had she not be suing them, I'm sure. Until she decided to sue them why would they allow these hideous comments? Why would they enjoy trying to destroy a young family who are trying to find their way? She is someones daughter. She is a young mum and she is Harry's wife. Last week they ran an article from Eamonn Holmes. He said ' She's awful, woke, weak, manipulative, spoilt and irritating' after admitting he's never even met her!

Constant comments, seemingly everywhere, state that she's manipulated Harry. And they would know this how exactly? She might crave the limelight, she's an actress, but that's up to Harry to deal with.

The Week Ahead for Harry & Meghan

Who knows what will happen at the 'showdown' later today? I hope that Harry stands his ground and begins to carve out the life he wants for himself and his family, his own family unit, without tax payers money. I hope he is supported by Charles.

I can't help but worry about how this is all going to turn out. The press will hound him to the grave like they did his mother, no doubt. Leave your titles at the gates of Buckingham palace and be set free.

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