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The Reluctant Royal - Harry fights for freedom by S A Ledlie

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

UPDATED 14th October 2020

After the Royal split

It seems like a lifetime ago that Harry left the toxic atmosphere of the Royal household and started a fresh new life with his wife and son, Archie.


Soon after arriving in Canada, Meghan was not happy about some incident, then after several months came bad headlines about who is paying for their security. At first it was going to be the Canadian taxpayers but then they didn't much like that idea so I think Prince Charles contributed or payed for all of it.

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

They headed out to the sunshine of LA, Meghan's hometown.

Things have not gone as smoothly as I am sure they had hoped. It seems to me that everything they do, of course, ends up getting bad press and annoying so many people including members of his family.

Then there is her court case against the ANL publisher of the Mail online and the Mail on Sunday over articles from February 2019 when they printed a ‘private’ letter she sent her father. So far, she has not done very well in the lawsuit either.

The Netflix Deal

Then they cut a deal with Netflix. Nobody seems to know exactly how much it is worth, but it is rumoured to be well over $100 million. They will be producing children’s content, documentaries and movies. Their new production company name has yet to be revealed. Let us hope they choose wisely.

The Latest

The one big question is will their new production company make a program about Princess Diana. Can you imagine the damage that would cause between Harry and his brother, Prince William! Maybe this would push the brothers into a situation beyond repair.

Mental Health Awareness

Last week, Meghan talked about how she "the most trolled person in the entire world in 2019" and the effect it had on her mental healt