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Updated: Oct 2, 2022

A powerful punch the air moment happened last week, as I read Reuters legal feed on Twitter.

The weekend before had started off shaky when I tested positive for Covid-19. It was a complete mystery as to how I'd caught it because nothing enters our house without a thorough disinfecting and that includes food shopping and the post. When I say nothing I mean nothing. I hadn't mingled or been unmasked. Bizarre. I had to fight really hard to tame the inner chimp. Why?

When you have spent the last fifteen years revealing the dirty tricks of pharma giants, Sanofi, and you know (from court documents) they've already gone to great and expensive lengths to silence you (in-depth revelations will be included in my forth coming memoir), it's really easy for the chimp to behave badly!

Recently I wrote an article about my trip to New Orleans and the second Bellwether trial Sanofi v plaintiff Elizabeth Kahn and although it was a pretty scathing report about the judge, jury and Sanofi's paid lackeys, Shook, Hardy & Bacon it was with good reason. I knew they wouldn't enjoy it but it's my account, my thoughts, my story.

Hildy Sastre who delivered their closing arguments kept repeating "It's common sense". Well, actually it's not, it's about the science.

Anyhow, the verdict went in Sanofi's favour, just like the first trial. It was sickening. So, that's two Bellwether trials to Sanofi. It stank of injustice and made me sick to the stomach as I'm sure it did to everyone involved.

The thousands of angry women who've been disfigured and are reminded of their cancer every second of every day will never go away...unless they die. I, for one will never be silenced, no matter how much money they throw at companies to shut me up. It's just not going to happen. Period. Unless I die, hence the badly behaved chimp.

So, last week there was a breakthrough! It was fantastic news that the Court of Appeals had overturned Sanofi's first win!