Shirley's Bio

woman in wig after cancer with earings
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Shirley is a former weekly columnist for the Bella magazine, author of four books, and numerous media articles, she is never short of invitations to take part in podcast/radio interviews.

Currently, she is working on a manuscript for her memoir covering the last seven years since Naked in the Wind ended. "So many unbelievable things have happened since Naked, some of them shocking, this story needs to be told!" 

Shirley's been married to her husband John for thirty-seven years, has two grown-up children, two gorgeous granddaughters, and a grandson on the way.

She spends her days writing, gardening, babysitting, swimming when the weather allows and having an odd lunch or two with her friends. "There are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want."

She spends as much time as possible raising awareness about a little-known side effect of a drug called Taxotere. After Shirley suffered permanent alopecia from this chemotherapy drug, she didn't want another woman to be blindly led into the same life-changing situation. "It's a patient's right to be fulling aware of the very real adverse side effects, therefore, enabling her to decide for herself if she wants to take that risk, or not and to be informed of any other choices available. She believes very strongly in addressing the taboo subject of depression/mental health of patients after cancer. Here is how you can support her campaign