I thought I'd dedicate a page to some beautiful soft head covers, hats and wigs that are gorgeous and perfect for anyone going through chemotherapy, suffering from alopecia or thinning hair. Over the next few months I will be adding some of these hats to my wardrobe, taking photos and putting them on here to share with you. They would also make the perfect gift for a loved one. As I suffer from permanent hair loss I understand how important it is to have comfortable and well-fitting soft material on your scalp. I have made the desicion not to wear wigs anymore due to my life-style but I will add wigs that I think I would have worn, had my way of life been different.

If you would like to buy something from this page for a friend and not sure which one to pick, please feel free to email me and if I can help you, I will. shirleyledlie@hotmail.com Here is a pic of me with the red version of the HINDAWI. They are a super fit and have a warm fluffy lining. They wash great in the machine too. I have this hat in several colours.


If you purchase anything on this page I will make a tiny commission which will be added to my Go Fund me page to help support the women in the USA that are fighting for justice for their permanent alopecia caused by chemotherpay drug Taxotere. The drug company, Sanofi, knew about this problem with their drug but decided women suffering from breast cancer and having to endure chemotherapy, would be better off not knowing. Here is a link to my campaign plus you can read more on my page 'We are every woman'. 


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